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deedee26 [userpic]
Contest # 6: Monica Bellucci/The Brothers Grimm
by deedee26 (deedee26)
at October 11th, 2006 (05:41 pm)

Entries: 6

* Use ONLY the imagese provided
* Animations and text are allowed , you may also blend the pics together !
* Don't forget this is a Costume Community so you icons must Focus on the COSTUMES !

Basically everything is allowed except being rude

[x] You have until Monday 16/10 to submit your icons to this post.
[x] Comments are screened.
[x] Icons must be made especially for this contest! Do not show them anywhere else until contest is over !
[x] You may submit up to 3 icons !
[x] You icon must be LJ friendly !
[x] Please post your icon here and the URL link !
[x] Have Fun and Good Luck!