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This is a Movie/Series/Music Videos - Costumes/Make-up/Puppets Icon contests community. This means your icons must focus on a costume or make-up,... depending on the pictures you will receive. Every contest will have special rules !!! Themes will be voted by you in different polls !!! I'm always up for suggestions ^_^ so feel free to comment !

All winners will receive banners !! (Upload them to your own server, I will delete them from mine once you have picked them up)
A mod's choice will be picked out by me ^_-

The moderator of this community is deedee26.

All Past contests kept by category in the memories !


1. Your submissions must remain anonymous. Please do not post your submissions elsewhere before the contest is over, that means your personal journal and your icon journal. You must be a member to post an icon !
2. Number of icons submitted per week will vary.
3. Do not tell your friends to come and vote for you. That just defeats the whole purpose of a contest.
4. Do not vote for yourself!!!! and If you participate you also have to vote !!!
5. All icons submissions must fit LJ standards [100x100 and 40k or less], size varies for other graphics
6. Don't steal from other people that submit. That's disrespectful and rude, ask them before you take their icon. If one of your icons was stolen report to me which person did it and I will most likely boot them from the community.
7. Make sure your icons are showing up by the time voting starts. If they aren't, the url you provided will be put in as normal but if they are not showing noone wille be able to vote for you.

Submitting Icons:
1. At the start of each contest, I will make a post where you will submit your icon. Only post in that comment. Comments will be screened.
2. It is up to you to make sure your icon shows up. Find a host that allows remote linking. There is Photobucket and imageshack but you can use any server you want .
3. Contests vary on rules on what you can do, some just have a theme, some will have pictures I'm going to tell you right now the rules are going to vary!
4. When posting your submission please put the Image and the image url. (if you really don't know how just ask me and I'll help)

Samples of acceptable Icons

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

- Credit to deedee26 or deedee_graphics


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